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4 min readAug 3, 2021


College is a new and challenging phase in a student’s life. The academic environment and requirements are different to what a student is used to during high school. One simple difference is that you may have to run between different buildings to take different classes. A major difference is in the type of writing, and related assignments. Assignments require more effort and are of a different nature. It won’t just be essays.

Why Have College Writing Tools

College assignments do include essay writing but there are many other things as well. In academic writing there are reports, presentations, research papers, book reviews, literature reviews and even blogs, depending on the subject and academic discipline. What does this change and new sorts of writing requirements mean? It means that students should be aware of what awaits in college and prepare themselves to maximize their academic and overall college performance.

Writing tools software
Plagiarism Checker X in the Writing Tool Chest

For that purpose, student writing can be equipped with a college writing digital tool chest with software and services fit for every need. It ‘s important to have a diverse tool chest because what may be great for making presentations won’t be the best for writing a research paper. So, let’s outline all the great tools that should be part of a college writing tool chest, most important of which is a plagiarism checker.

Writing Tools for Proofreading

The first set of tools is that which essentially proofreads as you write. Many times, when the deadline is at 12 am and it is already 11 pm, there isn’t much time left to proofread and improve your grade. A writing tool that proofreads for multiple things as you write can be a life savior.

word processing software proofreading

Some word processing software or services have these in-built. For example, if you are writing on Microsoft Word or Google, writing suggestions in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling errors and more are automatically highlighted. However, if those aren’t being used or if a really thorough proofing is required that includes checking for concise writing then it is helpful to use a dedicated proofreading tool like Grammarly.

Writing Tools for Checking Plagiarism

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Online Plagiarism | Side by Side Text Compare

One of the most important things in academic writing is plagiarism and academic honesty. Plagiarism Checkers don’t get used till about when a full draft is ready. It is essential in writing to use plagiarism detectors yourself. Waiting for a professor to check for plagiarism may be too late because not much can be done then if the plagiarism report shows a high plagiarism score. By checking plagiarism beforehand, you give yourself the ability to make edits before any final submission to remove plagiarism.

Using Plagiarism Tools

Plagiarism Checker X makes that easily possible with Online Plagiarism and Side by Side comparison tools, each suited for a different need. With Online Plagiarism, students can check any type of college assignment against billions and billions of online public access academic sources through the use of AI enabled Deep Search. This tool is complimented by the text compare aspect of Side By Side Difference where you can check plagiarism between two documents specifically. This is highly useful when working with multiple drafts for the same project and the similarity between them must be checked before finalizing the final draft for submission.

Writing Tools for Creating Citations

free citation machine
Plagiarism Checker X’s Free Citation Machine

Citations are related to the checking and avoiding plagiarism component of the college writing tool chest since they are integral in referencing and showcasing academic honesty through crediting the original author of a source. There are many citation formats and you could be required to cite in any of them. Making those citations yourself can get unnecessarily time consuming and there is a perfect tool for it, Plagiarism Checker X’s citation machine.

The citation generator free automatically makes the appropriately formatted in-text citation and reference list entry as per updated manuals of all the major citation formats. These include all the popular ones that a student would be required to cite in:

With this college writing tool chest set and ready, you can be better prepared to maximize college grades and overall academic performance.




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