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Writing something can be tiring and challenging. It could even have anxious elements in the pursuit of writing the perfect story, report, essay or anything else in the student writing or creative writing realm. Everyone wants their writing to be perfect in the final draft that goes out in the world to get marked, read, or published.

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Comparing Drafts For Improvements

Wanting to make the perfect final piece of writing that is original and unique means going through countless drafts. The exact number of drafts will depend on the writing process of each individual author. For example, one person may have 6 steps to writing an essay but another could have 8 steps.

Regardless of the writing process steps, the first draft one won’t be the best, it may even be bad. However, with each new version there will be improvements. This can be made possible when the different drafts can be easily compared with each other to look for things that need to be improved in the context of contextual edits, semantic changes, substance addition or omission, and changes for the sake of originality as well as to avoid plagiarism between the latest draft and earlier iterations.

Technology for Text Compare

Printing out the drafts and making changes or even finding what to edit in hard copy format would be very difficult and time consuming. With the print out method, marking the suggested changes on paper first is an unnecessary step. Even with Microsoft Word, comparing two drafts and knowing exactly where they differ or are similar is difficult because there is no highlighted text that shows the difference or similarity.

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Plagiarism Checker X’s Side by Side Comparison feature solves the problem and let’s writers compare two documents and see the difference and similarity between them through highlighted text and linked scrolling for easy analysis. It doesn’t end there, Bulk Comparison even allows comparison between multiple drafts at the same time.

Importance of Text Compare in Writing Drafts

When you write a new draft, after making changes that were identified as necessary in an initial proofreading session, some changes can get left out. This is natural as mistakes happen and it is easy to overlook something when writing in a rush. These errors can be picked up when two drafts are compared with each other and the Side by Side Difference feature shows what has changed and what hasn’t.

Let’s use an example. You are writing a short story and are working on a new draft since some changes were needed towards the end for a better finish to the story. Both drafts are compared and it is seen that a few changes were left out in the last chapter because it has all highlighted text (highlighted text shows similarity) meaning that it is the same as the previous draft. Now, knowing that that area wasn’t edited, you can work on it again to get that perfect final draft.

Text Compare for Removing Plagiarism in Writing Drafts

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One of the most important things that a writer needs to be wary of is the presence of plagiarism or any form of academic dishonesty in their writing. All publishers check for plagiarism and with self publishing or publishing online, copyright violation due to plagiarism can essentially destroy your writing.

If an early draft has been sent back for issues of plagiarism, the writer can use the Side by Side Difference Text Compare option in Plagiarism Checker X to analyze that old draft with the new one to see if all the necessary edits have been made. Other than comparison between drafts, plagiarism can be checked with text compare online with the Online Plagiarism feature as well. The aim is to help the writer get the best final draft from all angles needed.

Fixing Self Plagiarism with Text Compare

Text Compare can be used to fix issues of self plagiarism as well. For instance, a multi part series must be engaging and build on from the last volume or edition but be unique, different, and offer something new to the story in order to hold the reader’s interest. If it is just a repetition of the older book then what would be the point of reading. With the Text Compare tool, that old book can be compared with the new one to make sure that the similarity between them is minimal and that there is absolutely zero self plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker X has always striven to promote academic honesty and creative originality. The Text Compare feature in the Side by Side Difference function aims to serve that purpose.

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