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For any writing professional, original content which is authentic and unique is a big factor in how well they do and how big of an audience and viewership they get. Whether it is bloggers, copywriters, researchers, fiction writers, website owners, webmasters, search engine optimization experts or others, having plagiarism free content is very important for many reasons. The instant PlagX — Plagiarism Checker lets you grow your brand while protecting originality so the online content is unique.

PlagX — Plagiarism Checker for Bloggers, Writers, Website Owners, and SEP experts.

Why to Check for Plagiarism?

As a blogger, writer, or SEO expert, plagiarism free content means a larger readership and client base because unique content is important for improving search engine ranking for your website or online blog. That is why PlagX offers a comprehensive website plagiarism checker with features suited to your specific needs.

It is very simple, duplicate content on your blog will result in lower SEO rankings. That means, website traffic is going away from your blog and you are losing readers and Google AdSense revenue. Having good quality and original content helps Google search engine crawl your website and list it higher up in the search rankings. So, simply scan the URLs for blogs or any web page with PlagX and assess the level of similarity and originality to make the changes needed to improve website SEO rankings.

Industry Leading Technology

With PlagX there is no compromise on quality and only the top notch technology is used to provide in-depth similarity checks and bloggers can detect plagiarism accurately. Our Rapid-Action algorithm ensures lightning fast plagiarism reports and the Artificial Intelligence enabled DeepSearch makes sure that only the most accurate and true matches are included in the color-coded and intuitive plagiarism reports.

Webmasters, online writers, bloggers and others can even exclude specific URLs and their entire internal domain from the plagiarism to remove any false matches with your own content. That way, only accurate online plagiarism results are included in the similarity reports. Best of all, PlagX does an in-depth and comprehensive originality check by scanning the URL and online content against 16+ billion web pages and online sources.

Industry leading features to check for plagiarism with PlagX — Plagiarism Checker

Copyright Protection for Blogs

It’s unfortunate but people may steal your work and plagiarize from your blog but with PlagX it is easy to find who stole your content and where. Just run the URL of your blog web page and check it for online plagiarism. If another writer has infringed on your copyrights their URL will show up in the matched sources list that are linked for you to click on and visit the page where it is being used to take further action.

Not just that but PlagX protects the scanned web content with its safe and secure plagiarism detection. Privacy of content is our utmost priority and its safety should always be first. Data protection and safety is ensured through our encrypted web connection, GDPR compliant privacy policy, and secure payment processing when you purchase or upgrade plans. So, check for plagiarism in blogs and websites without any worries.

Online Blog Integration for Seamless Plagiarism Checks

We have made similarity checks easier than ever before through our API integration. Bloggers and website owners can simply integrate their content management system, blogging web pages, or websites with the PlagX — Plagiarism Checker to streamline the process to check for plagiarism. This makes the whole process easier, faster, and saves massive amounts of time.

Organized and Budget Friendly Content Originality

A single writer can have numerous blogging projects at the same time or a copywriter can be working for different products, and keeping all the work organized is important for efficiency and productivity. The Workspace management and user management makes it easy for writers, bloggers, and website owners to delegate and review work between different projects and divide the plagiarism check quota for each workspace. Even manage the number of users in each workplace as per the limit in your plan designate access control through different user roles.

Most importantly, website blog originality should be affordable for online entrepreneurs and bloggers so that it is accessible without financial constraints. PlagX has a free trial as well as budget friendly customizable plans and payments options to meet users’ website originality needs.

Each Blog and Web Page Better than the Last

With PlagX — Plagiarism Checker writers can check two blogs for text comparison with the Side by Side feature to improve their originality and make sure that each is unique. Bloggers can even scan all their web pages to cross analyze with the Bulk Comparison features like Cross Check to to assess the level of web content SEO for originality and improved web traffic.

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