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As a student or professional writer, there are many different kinds of writing you will find yourself doing. There is academic writing, student writing, creative writing, script writing, technical writing, and a lot more. Each of those types have further divisions like academic writing involves essay writing and creating writing includes novel, poetry writing, manuscript writing and many others. Each type and sub-type have their unique aspects. However, all of them share one commonality.

plagiarism checker online for writers

Plagiarism is an issue in any type and form of writing. As a writer of any kind, you can check for plagiarism in any stage of the writing process when using Plagiarism Checker X. Academic honesty should not be a hassle and for users of Plagiarism Checker X, writing plagiarism free work is simple. They can do text compare online against billions of sources and offline against internal documents.

Removing Writing Barriers

The writing process can be difficult sometimes. The writer’s block can have many reasons and one of them is the thought that someone would have already written about it or that my writing is too derivative of someone else.

It is an honorable concern because a writer wants to have their unique voice. However, plagiarism detectors are here for that very reason to show with proof whether your manuscript or research paper has stolen from or is too similar to someone else’s work.

If there is some plagiarism, the plagiarism report will help you edit it out by showing highlighted text to change and fix. So, write without any worries of plagiarism as the appropriate technique of checking plagiarism can be used in later stages of the creative writing process.

When To Check for Plagiarism

Your writing process is unique to your own style of writing. It could be sporadic bursts of creative typing or could be more methodological. Either way, the time to check for plagiarism also depends on when you want to give your work the first text similarity check.

Checking plagiarism in the very beginning may not be useful as there won’t be much content to scan. When you have the preliminary draft ready for the research paper or for the manuscript submission, it would be a good time to check for plagiarism and look for what needs edits in the highlighted plagiarism report.

Plagiarism Check Writing Drafts Online

check for plagiarism in writing drafts

Even if you are using online word processing services like google docs, one can easily check for plagiarism online. In both, creative and academic writing, your entire reputation and reading audience depends on whether that piece of writing is original or not.

When you are done with the first draft of any type of writing, it is crucial to guard it against plagiarism.

If it is an academic piece and plagiarism found after its publication then it may be retracted and if it is found before then it won’t get accepted to begin with. With creative writing works, if your text is found to be similar to other published works and even if the publisher fails to detect plagiarism, the readership will pick up on how it lacks originality. That can damage your credibility, reputation and future revenue from publications.

Detecting Text Similarity

The perfect way to stop that from happening is to check for plagiarism online. Publications are accessible online and when you check for plagiarism in your work with Plagiarism Checker X’s Online plagiarism feature, it scans your text against all those sources.

The text is scanned against 16+ billion public access sources, even academic sources like journals, articles, and books. If there is any similarity and plagiarism, it will be accurately detected due to the use of Deep Search technology which is powered by AI Machine Learning. Another crucial benefit of checking plagiarism yourself as the author is that you take control of your work instead of leaving it to the hand of publishers and academic journal editors.

Publishing After a Plagiarism Check

check for plagiarism before publsihing

Once the plagiarism check is done, you will have the peace of mind that when you go to publish your story or send in the article to journal editors it will be original, authentic, and unique with your own voice that the readers will appreciate.

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