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College teachers and university professors deal with a lot. From mentoring and guiding students to checking assignments and preparing lectures and courses, they are loaded with work day in and day out. This includes having to check for plagiarism in each assignment being graded fr college classes and university courses. PlagX is built to make a plagiarism check as effective and as seamless as possible for teachers everywhere. Our web based plagiarism checker is loaded with features that are perfectly suited for teachers and were built with all teaching academics in mind.

A Fully Packed Plagiarism Detector for Academics

PlagX comes with a complete package meaning that it is not just a program to check for plagiarism in the classroom. It adds complete accurate and comprehensive plagiarism detection on top of other features that enable a plagiarism-free classroom easier for teachers.

When it comes to plagiarism detection, PlagX utilizes an artificial intelligence AI enabled DeepSearch feature which is coupled with a Rapid Action algorithm to give college professors truly instant reports and the most accurate plagiarism checking ability. Then there’s so much more.

Multilingual Plagiarism Detection for a Global Classroom

PlagX is global and can be used by all no matter which language they speak. It can be used all over the world because of web accessibility but also because it has multilingual support and multilingual plagiarism detection. While English is the medium of assessment and education around the world, it is not the only mode of education. That is why PlagX has multilingual support and plagiarism detection. Also, it helps to detect and avoid global plagiarism so whether your assignments are English, or Spanish, Hindi, German, Russian and 50+ more languages, PlagX can seamlessly let you check for plagiarism in your class assignments.

Check Plagiarism in all Kinds of Assignment Formats

College assignments aren’t always written essays and papers in Microsoft Word. College is about developing and assessing students across different formats and types of assignments. Colleges have all sorts of courses and degrees so every student is not required to write long academic papers, some might be writing .PDF reports, writing code, making a mock website and so much more.

PlagX let’s teachers across the college course list to check for plagiarism in their students’ assignments by having multi-format plagiarism detection compatibility. all popular file formats like .DOCX, .DOC, .TXT, .HTML, .RTF, .PDF and more are supported so student assignments in those formats can be scanned for plagiarism with PlagX. There’s more. Professors and teachers can even detect plagiarism in websites, URLs and programming code. There are no compatibility barriers with PlagX.

Faculty Collaboration and Document Library Accessibility

There’s a whole department and faculty at work when it comes to teaching a course. The dean, lecturer, professor, visiting faculty, tutors, teaching assistants, lab assistants and more. It is a joint effort and the program being used for ensuring originality should be well suited for that. PlagX provides just that. Our team collaboration options allows for multiple work-spaces with faculty collaboration where multiple team members can access and work with their colleagues and different users can be given specific access levels to files to create and maintain smooth operations.

The document library makes smooth plagiarism detection even easier. Teachers can keep the necessary files and create folders as required for their classes for easier access and plagiarism detection for themselves and the entire faculty to ensure a streamlined workflow. This also helps enable plagiarism checking on the move, meaning that you may not have the student assignment on file on your device but still check plagiarism by using it from the document library.

Intuitive and Easy to Interpret Plagiarism Reports

Best of all are PlagX’s intuitive reports with an easy to understand plagiarism score. The detailed and downloadable originality reports come with viewable matched sources where teachers can click on the source links to visit the matched source for a deeper look into a student’s plagiarism. Also, the reports are color graded and have highlighted text that has been detected with plagiarism content.

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